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What People Are Saying About Jack Hokikian's The Science of Disorder


    This is a very sharp-looking package: nice cover, great paper stock, good font and text layout. The text itself is well written; the author explains complex ideas in clear, easy-to-understand language. He also makes good use of examples to illustrate his points.
                                      Writer's Digest

     I am struck by the force and clarity of your exposition of the old and still fertile idea of the second law.
                                      Frederick Turner, Founders Professor of Arts and Humanities
                                      University of Texas at Dallas

     Wonderful and provocative work.
                                      Carolyn Raffensperger, Editor
                                      The Science and Environmental Health Network

    I found the book most helpful. You explain the arrival of thermodynamic concepts in a most human way and then go on to use them to address our current predicament. Thank you for your important work.
                                      Chellis Glendinning, Ph.D.  Author of <My Name is Chellis, and I'm in Recovery from Western Civilization>

    The Science of Disorder is sometimes iconoclastic, inherently interesting, exceptionally well written, and a highly recommended addition to Environmental Studies, General Science, and Human Ecology Studies reading lists and reference collections. (see full review on BarnesandNoble)
Midwest Book Review (Oregon, Wisconsin, USA)


    Beyond doubt, The Science of Disorder is an important contribution in helping the layman to understand the significance of the Laws of Thermodynamics pertaining to their wide application affecting every facet of our lives. (see full review)
                                      Norm Goldman, Editor of the book reviewing and author interviewing site, bookpleasures.com


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