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Book Description


This book is about the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamicsthe Laws of Energy and Entropyapplied to a wide range of human endeavor, including chemistry, cosmology, medicine, education, agriculture, economics, globalization, technology, ecology, and philosophy (entropy is a measure of the disorder of a system).



From the Inside Flap


The last 200 years have brought humankind an impressive array of technological marvels. These innovations have made their way into our industries, homes, and places of work. We are now surrounded with all kinds of “timesaving” devices, yet we have less time for ourselvessss than our parents and grandparents had. It seems that nothing is impossible for the human race and that we are in control of the world in which we live, yet biological and electronic bugs and viruses are threatening us daily in complex and unpredictable ways. World population and globalization of economies are growing steadily, as are environmental and socioeconomic disorders. Our technological powers are increasing, but so are their side effects and unintended consequences.


In the Science of Disorder, physicist and information technologist Jack Hokikian explains our predicament through the Laws of Thermodynamicsthe Laws of Energy and Entropy. These laws control all processes in the universe, including our technologies and activities. Dr. Hokikian gives a comprehensive review of the significance of these fundamental Laws of Nature, especially as they apply to the environment and to our lives. He shows us how we can attainthrough the Laws of Thermodynamicsa philosophy of life that can guide us in our daily actions and decisions.